Without valid pages on your website, you never know what Google, Yahoo, or Bing actually see on your site so how can you expect good rankings?

The World Wide Web Consortium (w3c) maintains a standard that describes how web pages are to be coded to be “valid.”

An invalid web page has a few disadvantages:

  • There is no way to tell how much of your content Google, Bing, and Yahoo can actually read, so your search results are unpredictable
  • Different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) will have different ways of displaying your site; not necessarily as intended
  • Links may or may not go where they’re supposed to

A valid web page has a few (!) advantages:

  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo will be guaranteed to be able to read the content of the page making sure you’re getting the search engine placement your content warrants.
  • Browsers will show the website as intended

You’d be surprised how many sites out there fail the most basic validation.

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