Our philosophy is simple:

A beautiful website, great search engine results, and lots of website traffic don’t mean anything 

if they do not produce real, measurable results for your business.

Our process begins with your Customer.

We’re interested in helping you do what will serve your customer.

With YOUR product or service.

We’re not interested in selling you something you don’t need.

We’re interested in helping you do what will help you serve YOUR customer with YOUR products or services.

The only way to “win” is to serve the customer.

If we focus just on our client (that’s you!), the client gets what they want, but the client’s customer may not, and that’s just not sustainable.

If we focus on the client’s Customer, everyone wins.

Your customer wins.  You win.  We win.

Now that’s sustainable!

Win Win

So, you want to increase traffic to your site…And then what?

Our process involves a thorough evaluation to ensure that any work we perform provides measurable results. Ever been pitched for an Adwords program or Ongoing SEO by a company that knew nothing about your business? Yah, that’s not us.

The Customer

Who is your ideal customer and what do they want and expect?


What are the current traffic patterns on your current site and what do they mean?


What are your goals for your site and what kind of traffic do you want?


Which channels of your business drive the greatest revenues?


What is the competition’s online position and how does your site compare?


What is the current functionality of your site? Are there existing errors, faux pas or omissions that prevent search engines from doing their job?

Keyword Density

Is the current content written to be found? Will the search engines show it to potential customers?


Are the inbound links to your site and outbound links from your site adequate, valuable and as relevant as possible?

Social Presence

How does your current social presence contribute to traffic on your site and what is its value to your goal(s)?


Are there appropriate means of measuring, analyzing traffic in place and do you have a structure to determine how that traffic converts to revenue?

These are the fundamentals required to understand your business, and how to take you from your current position, to a truly “optimized” position. This preliminary evaluation results in a report and SEO recommendations that are specific to your objectives and tied directly to your bottom line. Some might call it elementary; we call it “The Sauce.” We call it responsibility. If your Customer (i.e. your bottom line) could benefit from my services, please avail yourselves freely and send money soon.

-Steve Steiner

Free Launch Sauce!

The best way to demonstrate that our services are second to none is to let you have a taste. Sprinkle your website with some of our Launch Sauce to see if you have any broken links, oversized images, or invalid pages. Then give us a call and we’ll get you a free quote on getting all of those issues fixed right away and we can explore what else we might be able to do for you (and, especially, your Customers!).

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