Getting PIL Installed on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard with JPEG Support

Now that I'm working on run my app with a remote MySQL setup, I'm kind of doing a system reset of sorts at the same time. I had about 25 virtualenvs in various states of biochemical degradation, so I just flippin' deleted'em. All gone. Bye … [Continue reading]

Enable Remote Access to MySQL

I haven't set MySQL up in years; it's always on the server, and I guess we never try to access it from outside. So... I had completely forgotten about allowing access. Fortunately, it only took a few quick Googles before I had the answer and, even … [Continue reading]

Stupid MySQL Python with Stupid 64 bit MySQL on Stupid 64 bit Snow Leopard (Part 2)

So... Now that it's morning, I went back to square 1 and killed the build directory again. Set the architecture flags as before, and rebuilt. Then, I ran: # sudo python install And noticed that it is building the library again, a … [Continue reading]

Stupid MySQL Python with Stupid 64 bit MySQL on Stupid 64 bit Snow Leopard

So... I've decided to go with MySQL for my latest product for a variety of reasons. To build MySQL support for Python, you have to have the MySQL headers and such available. Even though I installed from the MySQL supported binary for OS X 10.6, … [Continue reading]

Allowing Clean URLs in Drupal

So... I had this nice fresh Drupal in my new PostgreSQL installed Apache. Clean URLs were disabled by default and couldn't be enabled. To enable them, I first upgraded to the latest Drupal and made sure to copy the .htaccess file that PostgreSQL … [Continue reading]

Getting PostgreSQL Running on OS X 10.6

So... I'm getting ready to deploy some new web applications and, normally, I'd just go ahead and use the installed mySQL server on our CentOS based servers and that would be that. Except that we're not going to be running on one of those... So I … [Continue reading]

Getting Validator S.A.C. Running Under Snow Leopard

I'm using the Validator quit a lot lately, for reasons which will become apparent soon enough. In order to run the stand-alone validator on an OS X machine, just download from the link above, and install the app normally. Open it up, and you've got … [Continue reading]

BitBucket, Mercurial, and Public Keys

I've been using BitBucket and Mercurial quite a bit lately and have always use passwords to log in for a `push` up to the server. That's now gotten sufficiently annoying that I just found the documentation. Since I already had a working public … [Continue reading]

JavaScript Command Line Shell OS X

So... I was writing a whole bunch of JavaScript recently and was getting incredibly tired of having to refresh the browser to see if things were working. Yes, I have FireBug and such but what I really want is a command-line JavaScript interpreter … [Continue reading]

VirtualBox on OS X 10.6 With Ubuntu 9.10

So...I wanted to run VirtualBox with Ubuntu 9.10 as my testbed for some new stuff. I had been mostly happy using Parallels version 4.0, mostly. To make a long story short, Ubuntu 9.10 crashed Parallels 4.x and I wasn't really interested in … [Continue reading]