Mail Server Down, All Apple Mail Rules Unselected, Fix with TextMate


There I was, working on our mail server and it was off for a couple of minutes.

Restarted, went back to Apple Mail, and all my messages were piling up in my Inbox.

But I have rules for all these messages!
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How to Clone a VirtualBox Virtual Machine on OS X


I’m working on my automatic deployment scripts and decided to do some work using local VirtualBox VM’s rather than doing everything in the cloud. The cloud part all works just fine, so there’s no point wasting bandwidth (and money) proving it out a hundred times.
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eyeball scripts

June 26, 2010 -- eyeball scripts On the #linode channel at; you heard it here first... … [Continue reading]

SSH works, SFTP doesn’t on Ubuntu 10.04

So... I'm setting up one of my new VPSes (Linode Rocks!) and I was having a weird thing where I could ssh in with root, but not sftp. Other users could do both just fine. … [Continue reading]

S3FS on CentOS

So, we're using CentOS 5 for some of our servers; the ones we need cPanel for. ┬áThese are our shared setups with people running blogs, Joomla, Drupal, and such. I've never liked FTP for anything due to its insecurity, slowness, and its inability to … [Continue reading]

mercurial-server on CentOS or RedHat 5.x

So, as per my previous blog post, I got mercurial-server set up on one of our Ubuntu servers just fine. Then I tried on one of our cPanel based CentOS servers. What a pain in the ass! There has been an effort to get this working, somewhat, by … [Continue reading]

Serving Mercurial over SSH

So... I've been deploying our big Django application to all of our servers using a pretty slick setup with Fabric and rsync. This worked fine when I was the only developer, working on my local machine and pushing to a Mercurial repository on one of … [Continue reading]

New project: Denormalizer

So... I was working on South integration for a project the other day and realized that I wanted to denormalize some things. Like, keep the number of pages in the site update in the update record, the number of errors, title in the site update … [Continue reading]

WineBottler, WineHQ, Holy Crap!

For Our Few Windows Apps I've been running my last remaining Windows apps, or any new ones I have to run for whatever reason, either on my one real Windows machine, or under Parallels or, more recently, VirtualBox. We keep the battered old EMachines … [Continue reading]

My First Tomcat Experience

I've decided, for various reasons, to use Jasper Reports to do the reporting for our app. I hired someone to help with the initial Tomcat setup; boy am I glad I did... The project that I contracted was to create a script to set up Tomcat, with … [Continue reading]