Transmit Favorites

I was working on syncing my laptop with my desktop in a ‘deeper’ sort of way this morning as things have gotten a bit random with all the new apps I’ve been installing (1Password rocks!).

I went into the .Mac sync panel (MobileMe just makes me want to puke) and the Transmit favorites weren’t there to sync.

A quick visit to the Panic site yielded this:

I no longer use Transmit. How can I remove Transmit from my .Mac Sync preferences?
Awkwardly, Apple doesn’t provide a way to remove these items. But, if you’re running Transmit 3.5.1 or newer, type this into Terminal:

# ~/Library/Application\ Support/Transmit/ --unregisterClient

That should remove Transmit from the list.

Well, I figured that, since I had the opposite problem, I should just remove the ‘un’ from the –unregister… and that’d do it.

Did. Yay.