Using Mars Edit For This Blog

Since the web-based interface for this WordPress blog is so bloody annoying, I finally decided to try out Mars Edit.

I was cranking along, really liking that I’ve got a full Mac-ish text editor for blog entries when all of a suddenly <sic> , I get the dreaded “Can’t post for … because the server reported an error.”

At least I think it’s dreaded but this thread on the Red Sweater forums “Can’t post for … because the server reported an error” gave me a clue or two.

I copied the text out of MarsEdit, pasted it into BBEdit, ran Text->Zap Gremlins, and pasted back into MarsEdit.

Re-posted and all was well.

I think I got into this situation, best I can figure, by using the “Paste Link” functionality in MarsEdit.

One of the handiest things about MarsEdit is that you can hilight a word, then press ?⇧L to look it up in Google in your default browser.

Find what you’re looking for in the search results, right click and “Copy Link”, then back to MarsEdit, hilight the text you’d like to use as the “anchor text” i.e. what the user sees, right click and choose Text Markup->Paste Link. Like magic, it inserts the link, using the hilighted text as the link text and pasting the “<a …” tag around it.

Way handy.

Unfortunately, sometimes things get crudded up, and you get the dreaded error, and you have to go back to BBEdit to clean things up.

I love BBEdit and TextMate for different reasons and for different tasks.

This is one situation where I really appreciate BBEdit’s long history. It definitely old-dogs a few tricks that new-dog TextMate hasn’t a clue about.