SVN, HTTPS, and Firewalls

The server on which I had SVN running had a custom Apache setup that ran the service securely on port 445 instead of the usual 443 to try to make it harder for hackers to find the service. Most hacker robots are stupid and only check ‘the usual’ since most sysadmins use ‘the usual’ since it’s easiest.

I hadn’t used the SVN server for a while since I have been using git for most of my current development.

As per my last post, I upgraded SVN to 1.5.x, restarted Apache, etc.

Still no joy connecting to it using the same settings that worked last time I used it.

Turned out that, somewhere in the “keeping the server up to date” upgrade process, my most excellent apf firewall got a rule rewritten to it that excluded the port I had chosen.

Turns out that port, 445, is hackable on Windows machines so I switched to a different port, made sure it was unblocked, restarted apf, and was then able to access my SVN repositories.

Fun? No.

Working? Yes.