eyeball scripts

June 26, 2010 — eyeball scripts
On the #linode channel at irc.oftc.net; you heard it here first…

[09:01am] Tiven: i mean, it happened few days ago with like just 2 users browsing gallery3
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[09:01am] ssteinerX: does php-cgi limit process ram via php.ini as it does in apache?  should...
[09:01am] Tiven: i have no idea
[09:01am] ssteinerX: sounds like something's getting confused and not being squelched by the ram collar
[09:02am] ssteinerX: was it one process, or a whole bunch
[09:02am] Tiven: its always all of the processes
[09:02am] Tiven: like, 4 children so 4 processes or something
[09:02am] Tiven: each one of them taking a big chunk of memory leading to swap in no time
[09:02am] ssteinerX: that sounds like a flat-out bug to me, but PHP's memory management has never been "stellar"
[09:03am] ssteinerX: are you watching it and restarting php-cgi, or just praying 'till it goes back down, or what?
[09:03am] Tiven: lol
[09:03am] mikegrb: lolz
[09:03am] Tiven: yeah i keep watching it now and then and restarting it
[09:04am] ssteinerX: script handy?
[09:04am] Tiven: otherwise if it goes few days and its going "good", i will later notice it when small stuff will be really slow on the server

[09:04am] ssteinerX: or is this an eyeball script ;-)

[09:04am] Tiven: like, even ssh responsiveness, even mumble lags, etc
[09:04am] Tiven: nah eyeball ^^
[09:04am] ssteinerX: i'll share if I run into the same thing -- too much stuff running for eyeball scripts
[09:04am] Tiven: hehe thanks
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[09:05am] ssteinerX: too much eyeball scripts give me a headache, but I haven't tried setting the process limit higher...
[09:06am] snubby: heh @ ssteinerX
[09:06am] snubby: eyeball scripts eh
[09:06am] ssteinerX: snubby: proud to say I just made that up
[09:06am] ssteinerX: i should tweet it or something so i get credit