About ‘ssteiner’

Hi, I’m Steve Steiner, aka/ssteiner, aka/ssteinerX.

I am past President of IDC. We used to do Internet Marketing including websites, SEO, and such.

I’m currently Chief Executive Farmer at Sow and Sew Farm, LLC and President of WebSauce Software.

This is my tech blog where I’ll be dumping tech stuff that I’ll want to find later. Maybe I won’t even remember to look here, but here it is.

Nothing exciting, just lots of stuff I do to systems every day that I’d like to be able to search. For myself, mostly. Maybe you’ll find some of it useful.

I administer several Linux servers, one Windows 2003 server (since retired, yay!), have a Mac desktop and laptop, and several other computers (all Linux except one Windows Xp box on which we run Quickbooks) around the office.

Hopefully, I’ll dump enough info about changes I make, as I make them, so I don’t forget even more stuff than I already do.